:thought_balloon: Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code

:thought_balloon: Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code

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For any enterprise, willing to address multi-cloud infrastructure, the following questions might pop up

  1. How do Technology Partners(Independent Software Vendors) or Developers do CI/CD in a Hybrid-Cloud environment?
  2. How to share APIs with Partners or Developers to build next-generation intrinsic security infrastructures?
  3. How to integrate Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) to work in a true Multi-Cloud environment?
  4. How to provide a “Try for Free” experience before engaging the new Partner or Developers into the ecosystem.

New Portfolio Demands

Some of the new requirements include:

Public Cloud - AWS as an Example

AWS Two-tier Application

Alt Text

AWS Two-tier Application

In this image, I show an example of a two-tier application. Just to provision this app on AWS, we need to create many resources in AWS. Some of the resources are listed here.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

HashiCorp Terraform provides the foundation for cloud and on-premises infrastructure automation using infrastructure as code for provisioning and compliance in the cloud operating model.

AWS Two-tier Application -IaC example

AWS Two-tier Application -IaC example:

File: main.tf

provider "aws" {
region = "${var.aws_region}"
version = "~> 2.33"
resource "aws_vpc" "default" {
cidr_block = ""
resource "aws_internet_gateway" "default" {
vpc_id = "${aws_vpc.default.id}"
resource "aws_route" "internet_access" {
route_table_id         = "${aws_vpc.default.main_route_table_id}"
destination_cidr_block = ""
gateway_id             = "${aws_internet_gateway.default.id}"

AWS Serverless Apps


P.S: Most of the pics/diagrams used here are available on public sources. Just google it.

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