:art: Build simple gRPC server with Go

:art: Build simple gRPC server with Go

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Provide a sample example code for GRPC Web Services in Golang.


Please refer to Makefile and Dockerfile for install and build instructions.

    cd grpc-example/helloworld_buf_gw
    make build
    make build-container

Project Building

We shall do these projects in steps. Please follow accordingly

  1. helloworld_proto

    Basic HelloWorld App with protobuf

  2. helloworld_buf

    Basic HelloWorld App with buf (instead of using protobuf)

  3. helloworld_buf_api

    Basic HelloWorld App with buf + GRPC-Web

  4. helloworld_buf_gw

    Basic HelloWorld App with buf + GRPC-Web + Gateway

  5. helloworld_buf_ts

    Basic helloworld App with buf + GRPC-Web + Gateway + TypeScript

Topic Details

Please refer to below “Web Resources” for a deeper understanding of this project.


Next Steps

I hope that these references will make getting started extremely easy.


Web Resources:

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