:thought_balloon: Should I learn Go Lang?

:thought_balloon: Should I learn Go Lang?

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I have spent many years in top tech companies working in C programming language. The C language is like a carving knife: simple, sharp, and extremely useful in skilled hands. Like any sharp tool, C can injure people who don’t know how to handle it.

I have seen countless bugs due to this programming language’s common mistakes & pitfalls. Not to mention I also had some nightmares whenever a major feature was released.

Once I was introduced to Golang. I was relieved and amazed at how simple this programming language is and how it has removed all those common mistakes & pitfalls.

Golang, or Go, is a popular programming language used by many top tech companies.

Some interesting concepts in Golang

Here I would like to introduce you to some of the most important features of the language, mainly:

Code Blocks


Coming back to the question “Should I learn Go Lang?” I recommend that one should learn what they plan to use. Go was made by Google and is primarily used in areas where Google needed a better language. That mostly means server programming. Go is a mainstream language for all backend programming.

Next Steps

Try the below resources, play with this language, and have fun.

Web Resources:

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