:art: DApp - Producer, and Consumer

:art: DApp - Producer, and Consumer

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Illustration of Producer-Consumer Problem in Golang


Provide Go Concurrency Programming Example.

Brainstorm the Possibilities

In this post, we will look at four different variations.

  1. Single Producer & Single Consumer (1p1c)
  2. Single Producer & Multiple Consumer (1pxc)
  3. Multiple Producer & Single Consumer (xp1c)
  4. Multiple Producer & Multiple Consumer (xpxc) I have written this in incremental versions
    • Version-1 (xpxc-v1)
    • Version-2 (xpxc-v2)
    • Version-3 (xpxc-v3)

Next Steps

Follow the below links for the source code and Dockerfile

Example Source Code - Producer and Consumer



I hope that these references will make getting started extremely easy.


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