:thought_balloon: Learning - the only constant to grow

:thought_balloon: Learning - the only constant to grow

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Continuous learning is the ongoing expansion of knowledge and skillsets. Often used in the context of professional development. Continuous learning in the workplace is about developing new skills and knowledge, while also reinforcing what has been previously learned.

Mentors & Sponsors

Having both Mentors and Sponsors is the key to anyone’s career success.

BOOKS Recommendations

In this quest to success, I would like to mention these books, which might be very helpful.

Eat That Frog!
By Brian Tracy

Lessons Learned:

  1. Focus on 20% of your tasks
  2. Focus on one task at a time & work on a task until it is complete
  3. Don’t let technology distract you. Find your flow
  4. Break your tasks down to their smallest possible components
  5. Schedule time on your calendar for eating your frogs

By Shiv Khera

Lessons Learned:

  1. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Build a positive attitude.
  2. Redirect Subconscious Mind toward success & build a habit.
  3. Start your day with positive thinking

Who Will Cry When You Die?
By Robin Sharma

Lessons Learned:

  1. You’ll be happier if you’re honest with yourself and others and learn how to maintain the right perspective about failure.
  2. It’s easy to rediscover the joy in life if you imitate children and take care of your body.
  3. People will like you better if you focus more on what you can contribute than on what’s wrong in the world.


I found that having mentorship may not lead to advancement but having a senior mentor in a position to provide sponsorship did. Consider the following questions to help identify a sponsor for yourself.

  1. Who makes pay, promotion, or project assignment decisions that affect you?
  2. Which senior leaders could benefit from your career advancement?
  3. Which senior leader has a network or platform most equipped to help you advance in your career?

The Internet is full of information. Make use of good blogs, articles, podcasts, or videos. In our fast-changing world, continuous learning is vital for one’s success. Make the learning process a habit.

Satya Dillikar

Satya Dillikar

Hands-on Software Architect with extensive experience developing and delivering distributed enterprise-class mission-critical software applications.

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