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Technical Visionary Leader,
Continuous thing-doer,
Global Team Builder

With over 20+ years of software industry experience, Satya Dillikar has worked in all the phases of developing and delivering complex, distributed, enterprise-class software. He gives his best performance as a Software Architect in a future-oriented organization with his extensive organizational skills and architecture knowledge.

He coordinates with architects, technical leaders, and stakeholders across Business Units to translate vital strategic objectives into actionable and governable roadmaps and designs. He creates future vision architecture to expedite the delivery of new products and services to market while meeting the company's cost and risk reduction objectives. He designs and executes proofs-of-concept. He works with global teams adopting Agile practices and pairing with developers on test-driven development and continuous delivery.

Before becoming a SaaS software architect, Satya worked as a system software developer, developing Layer2/Layer3 Control Plane and Data Plane Networking features on the hardware/bare-metal Switches and Routers. He holds a master's and a bachelor's degree in software engineering.

Satya shares his passion, experiences, and mentorship. You can reach him at email:

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